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Hair Loss Medication Side Effects

May 21, 2019 — by Robert True
Tags: Hair Restoration Rogaine Propecia Side Effects

Hair loss drugs Rogaine® (minoxidil) and Propecia® (finasteride) have side effects patients should note. Let’s compare these balding/thinning medications.

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The Side Effects of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

September 5, 2014 — by Robert True
Tags: Follicular Unit Transplantation Hair Restoration Side Effects

Side effects of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) surgery include discomfort, shock loss (temporary hair loss), swelling, and scalp numbness.

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Propecia & Sexual Side Effects

November 19, 2012 — by Robert True
Tags: Propecia Side Effects Ishrs Hair Loss

The risk of sexual dysfunction portrayed in recent media is severly misstated. While it is true that there is a low-risk of sexual side effects with monitoring and doctor follow-ups, these side effects can be managed and resolved without any lasting consequences.

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